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School Information

At Endeavour Academy we believe that every pupil has the right of equal access to a broad and balanced curriculum. We consider it vital that the curriculum is presented in a supportive and motivating atmosphere, in which each child is valued, inspired to have high aspirations and be equipped with the tools and experiences necessary to prepare them for their futures. We make this vision a reality through the value we place on understanding the whole child, their individual needs and their emotional wellbeing thus providing a learning environment that enables all pupils to make the greatest possible progress and achieve their full potential in a supportive and inclusive environment.


  • Quality First Teaching
  • Speech and Language Approaches: visual supports and cues
  • Occupational Therapist to recommend and provide resources
  • Meet and Greet – with Therapy Dogs
  • Sensory supports in all classrooms
  • Chess Club
  • Restorative Justice Conversations
  • Walk and Talk
  • Visual Stress Testing
  • Dyslexia Screener


  • Speech and Language Support Assistant: Social Skills groups, Konfident Kidz, Talkabout Teens
  • Therapeutic HLTA support
  • Sensory Circuits
  • Drop in Sessions with School Counsellor
  • Wellbeing Sessions
  • Lego Therapy Groups
  • Draw & Talk
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Handwriting Programme
  • iHeart
  • Zones of Regulation individual sessions
  • VR Zone



  • Full time School Counsellor – Blocks of 12 sessions
  • Speech and Language Therapist Caseload as per provision on EHCP
  • Occupational Therapist Caseload as per provision on EHCP
  • Group Draw & Talk
  • Sand Play